The ceremonial finish on the Red Square

The most famous area of ​​Russia one day become a start and finish point of the two most significant events of the year. July 7, an official finish of the rally, "the Beijing-Moscow-2012". Participants of the rally handed Semen Semenovich Yakubov, head of the organizing committee of the rally "Silk Road" and the permanent director of "KAMAZ-Master" symbolic baton from the country of silk - handmade silk panels, symbolizing the friendship between the two peoples - the Russian and Chinese.


Svijazhsk - formerly the city, now a rural village, located on an island in the River Volga in the forty-minute drive from Kazan. History of the base Svijazhsk seemed much more interesting than the examination of the place itself.

The river is called Sviyaga so whether on ancient name of a wild duck, or because strong winds and winds.

They say location is mermaid.

M5 highway. That actually produce the Ural factories

That actually produce the Ural factories. After endless flat as a table birch marshy plains of Western Siberia with great pleasure that we have found that in the world there are still mountains. The length of Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, though it is considered the Urals, there are no mountains in itself does not (we all remember from school map - in the Southern Urals Mountains are low in the North - higher, and in the Middle - almost absent).

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