Goals and Objectives

In June and July 2012 was in-kind unique automobile mileage from Beijing - Moscow. Motor rally was timed to the Russian Federation, the official "Year of Russian Tourism" in the People's Republic. Implementation of the rally was held with the direct support of tourism and foreign ministers of the two countries, the necessary assistance provided by Russian and Chinese Organizing Committee for the Year of Tourism, led by supervising this line of vice-premiers.

In September and October 2013 as part of the celebration of the "Year of Chinese tourism in the Russian Federation", will be held again automobile mileage, but now on the route Moscow - Beijing.

The Caravan: infrastructure development of automobile tourism in the regions of Russia (the automotive cluster) within the cross-border cooperation between Russia and China, both by the government and business in both countries and through human contact.

Tasks rally:

1) Demonstration of the tourist potential of the regions of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic;
2) assessment, description and publicizing the state of roadside service in the territory of the Russian Federation;
3) highlighting Russian and Chinese media to the problem of automobile tourism;
4) Encourage consumers to avtoturizme and creating demand for quality services roadside service;
5) organization of motor route "Moscow-Beijing" on a permanent basis.